April 03, 2009


Who are the G20?
The G20 is a group of twenty finance ministers and central bank governors from 19 of the world’s most wealthy economies and the European Union. These economies cover 80% of world trade and the countries themselves contain two thirds of the world’s population.
“Capitalism isn’t in crisis, capitalism IS crisis!”-
If enough people take to the streets, the chasm that divides society will be illuminated-
Statement 3
“The current economic crisis has made capitalism more transparent then ever before. Finally the illusions are being stripped away. House prices may have tumbled but houses still stand tall, the price of food may have risen dramatically but the fields and hedge rows are still full of wonderful edible plants! We may no longer be able to afford ‘luxuries’ but today love and companionship is more real than ever.
We have been forced to unplug ourselves and have found that there is a whole world waiting for us. It’s time to kick capitalism whilst it’s down. The illusions they put before us have kept us working jobs we hate for too long, separated us from those that we love and are destroying the planet we rely upon to survive.
Let’s smash the final illusion. Let’s tell them they don’t control our lives anymore!”