September 29, 2005

DeLay Court Appearance Set for Late Oct.

DeLay Court Appearance Set for Late Oct.

Thursday September 29, 2005 8:31 PM


Associated Press Writer

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) - A Texas judge on Thursday ordered Republican Rep. Tom DeLay to appear in court next month to face the charge that he conspired to funnel corporate money to state political campaigns.

The summons calls for DeLay to appear in the court in Austin on . Oct. 21, court officials said.

A grand jury indicted DeLay and reindicted two of his associates Wednesday in an investigation of a political fundraising group DeLay founded, Texans for a Republican Majority.

Prosecutors allege the group was used to channel corporate contributions to 2002 GOP legislative candidates. Texas law bans corporate contributions in political campaigns, except for administrative expenses.

DeLay was forced to surrender his job as House majority leader, the second ranking post in the House, for now.

DeLay's lawyers have said they do not want him to be handcuffed, photographed and fingerprinted when he appears in Austin.
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