March 05, 2006

Bush Team Is Not Firing On All Cylinders.

Why Bush team is stuck in rough patch

New video of disaster officials warning Bush of hurricane Katrina adds to public-relations stumbles.

Just when it seems the news can't get worse for the Bush administration, it does.
On top of the continuing uproar over the Dubai ports deal and record-low job approval, add to President Bush's woes the leak of a videotape showing disaster officials warning him urgently about hurricane Katrina, the day before it hit the Gulf Coast. The video reinforces the Democratic message that the administration had plenty of advance notice, but still reacted slowly. And that's just this week's bad news.
There's also the warrantless-wiretap controversy, the indictment of a top aide and the threat of more, and the flap over the slow publicizing of the vice president's hunting accident, all against a backdrop of an Iraq on the edge of civil war. Many Americans probably aren't aware that the economy has rebounded and could clock in at a handsome annual growth rate of 4 to 5 percent this quarter.