October 13, 2006

Federal Leadership Needed To Tackle Climate Change

Federal Leadership Needed To Tackle Climate Change

Most Countries Still Failing On Global Warming - Need For Federal Government To Lead

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Climate change is. considered by many scientists to be the most serious threat facing the world today. The Kyoto Protocol is an international agreement to cut greenhouse gas emissions that cause climate change. Solutions include phasing out coal plants, expanding renewable energy sources and public transit, and creating new efficiency standards for vehicles and buildings. Find out what you can do to help make a difference!
Greenhouse gas emissions can be greatly reduced many different ways. Most of the solutions involve increasing the efficiency of our energy use to reduce fossil fuel demand, while maintaining - or improving - our lifestyles. Many of the potential solutions have benefits beyond greenhouse gas reduction, such as increased employment, stimulation of the high-tech manufacturing sector, and reduced urban air pollution.
A combination of public interest and government sponsored programs can make these solutions a reality.

~ David Suzuki

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