December 17, 2006

Climate Change, What Can I Do?

I am sending this e-mail to all family members; you can share it with your friends. I feel this is one of the most important e-mails I have ever sent.

You probably heard a lot about climate change in the news by now.

You’re going to here, in the news a lot about it. News writers are not climate scientist. News writers will take a climate scientists papers and take things out of context and add to it to get your attention and to make the story interesting.

There are a lot of doomsday-errs out their. So, take care of what you read. One doomsday-errs is (I like to refer to him as Dr. Doom Pianka) Dr. Pianka is not a climate scientist; he is a biology professor at the University of Texas. Another scientist to be careful of is Steven Milloy. Read about Steven Milloy at and follow the links. (Milloy had received extensive funding and direction from Phillip Morris, RJR Tobacco, and Exxon Mobil).

Now for the good guys, the best I know of is Al Gore. Al Gore has been working on climate change for years. He is working with some of the top climate scientist in the world. Al Gore will gather information from climate scientists and explain it so lay-people can understand it. If you are interested in what you can do about climate change, see Al Gore’s documentary, (now on DVD) “An Inconvenient Truth”. You owe it to yourself to see this film. Become part of the solution. One of the most important films of our time. The Blue Marble (planet earth) needs your help. Moral Challenge. Moral Obligation.

If you are interested in more information on global warming see my website I update it daily. Follow the links. I try to stay away from doomsday scientist. I have one, Dr. Pianka. You’re not going to believe his answer for global warming.

Read about Dr. James E. Hansen, the top climate scientist at NASA and the others scientists and follow the links. They are some of the top climate scientist in the world; very interesting people and they look like kids.


Website, (BackyardPit)

Dr. James E. Hansen

Albert Arnold Gore, Jr.

An Inconvenient Truth

RealClimate (climate scientists)