January 30, 2006

Republicans Call for Bush to Reveal All on Abramoff.

Republicans Call for Bush to Reveal All on Abramoff.
Three GOP lawmakers say the president should publicly release records of the White House's contacts with the now-disgraced lobbyist.
Three Republican lawmakers Sunday urged President Bush to disclose who in the White House had met with lobbyist Jack Abramoff and what was discussed in those meetings.
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Frist Says He Got `No Nods, No Winks' Before HCA Stock Sale
U.S. Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist said he got ``no tips, no nods, no winks, ever'' before selling his stock in HCA Inc. in 2005, one month before a company earnings report sent share prices tumbling.
Frist, who held his shares in a Senate-approved trust, said today on NBC's ``Meet the Press'' that he had no inside information about the company, Bullshit... a hospital chain founded by his father and brother. The Securities and Exchange Commission and Justice Department both are looking into the 2005 sale.
``I acted properly every step along the way,'' the Tennessee Republican said, adding that ``of course I will'' abide by the decisions of federal investigators.
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Top NASA Scientist Says He's Being Silenced on Global Warming
Claims Backlash Is Part of Bush Administration Effort to Downplay Climate Change
A top government scientist is speaking out about what he says is an effort to keep him quiet about global warming.
NASA's chief climate scientist James Hansen says the space agency's backlash is part of a Bush administration effort aimed at those trying to sound the alarm on climate change.
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All the Presidents Dodges
How George Bush ducks questions.
George Bush is a quick wit. When a camera fell and dangled from the briefing room ceiling at his Jan. 26 press conference, he quipped to those seated below: "Are you wearing your helmets?" Later, a radio reporter prefaced his question about the Jack Abramoff scandal by saying he wasn't interested in pictures of Bush and the disgraced lobbyist. "Easy for a radio guy to say," Bush interjected.
I wish the president's serious answers were as tart and on point. Dealing with delicate issues on camera, Bush's mind may work just as quickly, but he keeps his mouth shut. The pause to think gives him away. When he doesn't punch out a response, he's not puzzling out the answer. He's puzzling out the spin.
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