January 06, 2006

"We need to clean up our House here very quickly or a year from now we'll be the minority party,"

Tom DeLay's bid to return as majority leader of the House of Representatives was in mounting jeopardy on Thursday as fellow Republicans feared his ties with convicted lobbyist Jack Abramoff have made the Texan too much of an election-year liability. "I would not support him for majority leader," Rep. Ray LaHood told Reuters in a telephone interview from his central Illinois district. LaHood, a conservative Republican with close ties to House Speaker Dennis Hastert, also from Illinois, added that elections for a new majority leader ought to be held when the House reconvenes on January 31. "We need to clean up our House here very quickly or a year from now we'll be the minority party," said LaHood, initially elected to Congress in 1994 when his party won control of the House for the first time in 40 years. DeLay's legal problems deepened this week when his self-described close friend Abramoff pleaded guilty to fraud charges in Washington and Florida. An ex-aide to DeLay who later worked with Abramoff also has pleaded guilty to felony charges. On Wednesday, aides to DeLay said his campaign committee would "redirect" $15,000 in donations from Abramoff and his wife to Texas charities. Under House Republican rules, DeLay was forced to step down in September after a Texas grand jury indicted him in an unrelated case on charges of conspiracy and money laundering. DeLay, an 11-term congressman, has predicted he would be exonerated in Texas, clearing the way for his return as majority leader. But a former House Republican leadership aide turned lobbyist predicted DeLay might renounce his intention to seek reinstatement before it comes to a leadership vote. "He will probably, in the course of the next few weeks, take the temperature in private of (Republican) caucus members," the former House aide said.
All you Christians who have been on T.V. trying to tell me and the American people how innocent these lying gangster Republicans are. What do you have to say for yourselves now? Don’t think you Christians can crawl away into some corner and hide and pray that this will all go away! You need to clean house to! You need to get out of bed with these lying gangster Republicans and do what you do best. Teach the Bible not politicks. I’ am glad I’ am not a T.V. Christian. I’ am a Bible reading Christian! I don’t let some joker on T.V. tell me his translation of the Bible.

~ BackyardPit