April 15, 2006

How Do You Wear Your U.S. of American Flag?

I got an e-mail the other day. It was hard to believe the picture I saw of California kids in California high schools degrading the American Flag. It was hard to believe what I was seeing. Like it or not, if you were born in the U.S. you are U.S. citizens. Didn’t you, everyday in school pelage allegiance to the U.S. flag? You should be ashamed of what you did. I am a Hungarian American. I would never wear the U.S. flag upside down and the Hungarian flag over it. Never! Am I missing something? What allegiance do you owe to Mexico? I am a Hungarian and prod of it, but my allegiance is with the U.S. of American. I as an European American my insisters didn’t take this country away from you they took it away from Mexico and gave you better opportunities for a better life. You cross a river, my insisters cross an ocean for a better life. You have the same opportunities I have. The U.S. of American does not belong to Mexico or to Europeans; it belongs to us, we the people.
Now, I will wear my U.S. of American flag, high. And you can wear your U.S. of American flag upside down and the Mexico flag over it because your brothers and sisters made it possible for you to do this. And this is how they wear their U.S. of American flag.