April 14, 2006

I Am The Grandson Of Illegal Immigrants

I am the grandson of illegal immigrants, my grandfather and grandmother came to the U.S. illegally in about 1800’s. My grandfather dug ditches for the city, with a pick and shovel, my grandmother wash the floors in the capital building on her hands and knees (I remember her little foam pad she used for her knees.) They were never on any government programs. If they could not afford it, they went with out. One time my grandfather past out at work and froze his legs, (he would drink wine to stay worm) the hospital wanted to amputate his legs; my grandmother went to his room, picked him up, took him home and made him well. He was never the same but he could work. They were never in any protest marches. The only marches they were in were the Fourth of July parade, the Easter parade, New Years Day parade… My two uncles and three aunts and my mother completed school. They were never in any gangs, they were never in prisons. My two uncles were in the U. S. Army and fought in WW II. My three aunts and mother worked in factories making tanks and airplanes. My grandfather and grandmother could not speak English. When my grandfather and grandmother passed away they were millionaires. My grandfather and grandmother gave the Catholic Church a lot of money to help the poor because it was the right thing to do and they know what it was like to be poor. So don’t tell me what you want, I’ll tell you what you can have and that is an opportunity to become millionaires.
What do you think the government is going to do when prisons are full of drug and alcohol addict etc. and the welfare system is overrun. And the government has to deal with gangs like Mexican Mafia, MS 13 and Sur 13 etc.