February 28, 2006

Blogs Are The New Town Hall Meetings Of The 21st Century In America

When Gallup polled Democratic voters this month on the party's 2008 hopefuls, it didn't even offer Russ Feingold as a choice.

But in one corner of the Democratic universe - the readers of liberal Web logs - the Wisconsin senator has emerged as a political favorite.

In an online poll last month on the nation's most widely read liberal blog (DailyKos.com), Feingold led the Democratic presidential field.

"He definitely is the most popular Democrat among the 'netroots,' " said liberal blogger Chris Bowers, referring to activists in the party who engage in online politics.

Bowers' blog (MyDD.com) did its own online poll in early February, and Feingold led that as well.

Blogs and different online media are new, exceptional ways to communicate and receive feedback in a fast, unfiltered manner. In many respects these blogs are the new town hall meetings of the 21st century in America.