February 08, 2006

Yes Your Majesty.

Did you see Alberto Gonzales testifying? What a coward, you could almost see Bush pulling the strings. All these dam Republicans are good at is bobbing and weaving around questions. It looked like a cupal of times Gonzales was about ready to stand up and holler, “The Bird Flu Is Coming, The Bird Flu Is Coming”.

Did you see Senator Russ Feingold tare into Alberto Gonzales? He really ruffled some feathers. Looks like Feingold is cutting a path to the Whitehouse. I can see it now Russ Feingold verses Condoleezza Rice. So far my dine is on Feingold. Rice’s into the Neo-cons more then I like. But you know she will have to protect her oil stock she got for being a good little girl. What Rice needs to do is go shoos shopping.

What do you think of John Boehner, What a jerk! If this is the best the Republicans can do to clean up Washington I have one thing to say. BYE BYE!