February 06, 2006

O-Boy Some More Bullshit Coming Out Of Washington.

New House GOP Leader Favors Trips, Openness
Travel financed by special interests can educate politicians, John Boehner says, but voters need to know 'how this relationship works.'

New House Majority Leader John A. Boehner, who himself has been criticized for cozying up to Washington lobbyists, said Sunday that the public should know more about how lawmakers interacted with the lobbying industry, but he also stressed that politicians should not automatically stop taking trips paid for by special-interest groups.

O-Boy some more bullshit coming out of Washington, we know how it works the lobbyist pay and you play and we pay the price.
Tom Delay, John Boehner what is the difference?
This is crazy!
We need to clean up Washington with an Independent Ethics Commission.